Andrea Gallice

Professor of Economics (and Deputy Director for Research, years 2022-24), ESOMAS Department - University of Torino.

Research Fellow, Collegio Carlo Alberto.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Fields: Game Theory, Political Economy, Industrial Organization.

Teaching: - Microeconomics of Consumption, Production and Uncertainty, - General Equilibrium Theory, - Economia Manageriale e Industriale II.

Contact: andrea.gallice(at); andrea.gallice(at)

Selected Publications

- Can s Change Minds: Social Media Endorsements and Policy Preferences (with P. Conzo, J. S. Morales, M. Samahita and L. K. Taylor), Social Media + Society, 9 (2), 1-25, 2023.

- Economic and Social-Class Voting in a Model of Redistribution with Social Concerns (with E. Grillo), Journal of the European Economic Association, 20 (6), 3140-3172, 2020.

- What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander? How Gender-Specific Conceptual Frames Affect Financial Participation and Decision-Making (with C. Boggio and F. Coda-Moscarola), Economics of Education Review, 75, 109152, 2020.

- Cooperation in Social Dilemmas through Position Uncertainty (with I. Monzón), The Economic Journal, 129 (621), 2137-2154, 2019.  [RES media briefing] 

- A Model of Educational Investment, Social Concerns and Inequality (with E. Grillo), The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 121 (4), 1620-1646, 2019.  [online appendix] 

- Bankruptcy Problems with Reference-Dependent Preferences, International Journal of Game Theory, 48 (1), 311-336, 2019.

- An Approximate Solution to Rent-Seeking Contests with Private Information, European Journal of Operational Research, 256 (2), 673-684, 2017.

- Optimal Stealing Time, Theory and Decision, 80 (3), pp. 451-462, 2016.

- Education, Dynamic Signalling and Social Distance, Oxford Economic Papers, 61 (2), pp. 304-326, 2009.

Other Publications

Articles in referred journals

- Curious about the Price? Consumers’ Behavior in Price Reveal Auctions (with G. Sorrenti), Applied Economics Letters, 29 (9), 831-834, 2022.

- Social Status, Preferences for Redistribution and Optimal Taxation: A Survey, Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 12 (55), 1-17, 2018.

- Price Reveal Auctions, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 16 (2), pp. 485-514, 2016.

- Equilibrium Selection through pu-Dominance, Economic Theory Bulletin, 3 (1), pp. 53-64, 2015.

- The Neglected Effects of Demand Characteristics on the Sustainability of Collusion, Research in Economics, 64 (4), pp. 240-246, 2010.

- Some Equivalence Results between Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria and Minimax Regret in 2x2 Games, Economics Bulletin, 3 (28), pp. 1-8, 2007.

- Un Bilancio dell’Esperienza UMTS in Europa: fu Collusione?, Mercato Concorrenza Regole, 2, pp. 309-328, 2002.

Chapters in Books

- What Economic Theory Can (and Cannot) Say about Local Regulation, in The Political Economy of Local Regulation, (eds. A. Asquer, F. Becchis and D. Russolillo), Palgrave McMillan, New York, pp. 113-126, 2016.

- Best Responding to What? A Behavioural Approach to One Shot Play in 2x2 Games, in Games, Rationality and Behaviour. Essays on Behavioural Game Theory and Experiments, (eds. A. Innocenti and P. Sbriglia), Palgrave McMillan, New York, pp. 184-203, 2008.

Working Papers / Work in Progress

- Legitimize through Endorsement (with E. Grillo). (link)

- Gender Prescribed Occupations and the Wage Gap (with M. Broso and C. Muratori).

- Metrics, Interaction and Influence: The Immigration Debate on Social Media (with P. Conzo, J. S. Morales, M. Samahita and L. K. Taylor).

- Bankruptcy Problems with Self-Serving Biased Reference Points. (link)

- Strategic Announcements of Reference Points in Disputes and Litigations.

- Lowest Unique Bid Auctions with Signals.


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